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 Below is a portion of My Price List.


A number of variables such as Length, Thickness, Hair condition and Extra services can Increase the price. If you have questions on the cost of your particular style, please contact me for a consultation.  I Charge $25 for a 1 Hour Consult. 

***I Do Not Provide the Hair for None of my Services.
You do Supply the hair for the style you want.

I Will Let you Know What type of hair to Purchase Once I
See the Style you want. 

My Prices are very Reasonable so that it can fit Everybody's Budget!!


Effective: May 1, 2023

{ Please Note: You Do Come with Your Hair Shampooed, Deep Conditioned and Ready to Be Styled.

There is a $25 Deposit for All Appointments. 


(Please Note I Only Do Medium and Large Braids ONLY)

Medium Braids $180 and up
Large Braids $180 and up

Crochet Styles:

Crochet Braids $165 and up

1/2 Crochet 1/2 Soft Locs $185 and up

Crochet Twist $165

Crochet Weave (Loose Hair ) $175 and up

Crochet on a Weaving Net $180

Crochet on a Wig Cap $180 and up 

Crochet Wig $180 

Custom Crochet Wig $180

Dread Locs​

{ Please Note: You do Come with Your Hair Shampooed

and Ready to Be Maintained. Thanks...  

Loc Maintenance:

Re-Twist $95 and Up

Loc Petals: Price: $$ ( I Have to See a Picture of the Style for Pricing )

Interlocking $120 and up

Loc Repair: $$ ( I Have to See a Picture of the Hair for Pricing)


Loc Start Up: 

Two Strand Twist $110 and up
Micro Two Strand Twist $120 and up

Comb Coils $100 and up
Braid Locs $110 and up 


(Please Note I Only Do Medium and Large Twist ONLY)

Kinky Twist $180 and up

Spring Twist $180 and up 

Fluffy Twist $180 and up

Nubian Twist $180 and up

Senegalese Twist (Please Note: I Only Do Crochet Senegalese Twist. I Dont Do Single Twist)

Havana Twists $180 and up

Natural Hairstyles

Two-Strand Twist $100 and up

Two-Strand Mini Twist $120 and up

Comb Coils $100 and up (Note: I Only do these on Hair 5 inches or Less) 💥 I don't do them on Long Hair.

Custom Wigs

Starting Price $180 and up (Please Contact me for more Info)

Crochet Head Band Wig $90 and up (Please Contact me for more Info)

Kids Natural Hair Braiding & Styling:

 Single Natural hair Braids $90 and up  ( I Only do Natural hair only. I DONT ADD Extensions )

Cornrows (with no extensions) $80 and up

Cornrows (add Beads) $85 and up ( I Supply the Beads )

Kinky Twist $160 and up (Please Note I Only Do Medium and Large Twist ONLY)

Crochet Weave $145 and up 

Two-Strand Twist $100 and up

Two-Strand Mini Twist (natural hair only) $110 and up

African Threading $85 and up

KIDS Loc Strart up ( Contact me for Pricing)

Comb Coils $100 and up

My Other Services:

Trimming Hair $25 w/ Other Services 

$35 No service.

Shampoo, Deep Condition and Steam Therapy Treatment $55 (with Service other Service $45)

Shampoo and Deep Condition(No Steam Treatment)$40

Retouch Ups (Braids) $90 (Twist) $90

Take Down (Braids) $90 (Twist or Crochet Weave) $90

Alkaline Base Removal for Synthetic Hair: $35

(This is a process that takes off the alkaline base from synthetic hair. This will stop scalp itchiness.

My Scalp\ Conditioning Treatments for Dry, Frizzy or Damaged Hair:

These Treatments are also great on Damaged Hair! You will Love these Treatments! My Treatments will have your Hair Soft

and so Manageable. It will also Help you with your Dry and Itchy Scalp.

Your Hair and Scalp will Thank You For it!!

All my Hair Treatments Also Include : A Great Spa Shampoo and a Therapy Steam Treatment!!

Then you can go home and Style your Hair as Usual.

Oregano Steam Therapy Treatment $55

Peppermint Steam Therapy Treatment $55

Olive Hot Oil Treatment $55

Hand Scalp Massage $35
Hand Grease your Scalp $45 ( This is Great for Itchy Scalp and Hair Growth )

Bentonite Clay Treatment $55

CocoNut Hot Oil Treatment $55

*I use all Natural Products for All my Hair Treatments

***Please Call now to schedule your Appointment!

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

My number is 770*310*5028 or

Email me at:

Take Care and be Blessed!

"Live, Laugh, Love,& Encourage Someone and You will Be Blessed..."

★★★★ You can now Pay for your Hair Services Online Through PayPal and Cash App if you Like. If you Use Paypal There is a Extra $10 fee to Use this Service. Make sure again you Add the Extra $10 Fee when you Pay online. 

Don't Forget to Add the Extra $10 Processing Fee When you Pay Thru PayPal:

You Can Also Now Pay with Cash App. 

Contact me for more Info. Thanks for Viewing My Site.

Be Blessed.... 

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